Who We Serve

Banks group borrowers into categories, but many hard working people don't fit in the bank's “box.”

…and there are many more categories.  You can tell us your story here if you'd like to get started.

What We Offer

  • FREE, no-hassle, no-obligation phone consultation to see if our program fits your needs

  • Free education on the loan process and current market conditions

  • Exclusive access to “secret” off-market homes!

  • No binding contracts that limit your options, but we will still help you find your new home!

  • Lower down payments than are typically required by banks

  • No lender “junk” fees or costly appraisals on our homes

  • Monthly payments that are less than or about the same as the amount you pay to rent!

  • Financing provided by retirees gives them a better lifestyle and you get the home banks won't let you have!

What Buyers Get

Immediate Benefits

  • Leftover rent money

  • Income tax deduction

  • Freedom to decorate your new home!

  • No noisy, smelly, or strange neighbors above or below you!

Long-Term Benefits

  • Home equity increases each month!

  • Market appreciation

  • Increased net worth at retirement