How much do your homes cost?


We finance single-family homes in the $50,000s to $200,000 range.  These are usually starter homes.

How much do your homes cost?2019-12-03T21:40:28-06:00

Where are your homes?


We finance homes primarily in the Central Texas area, although there is no hard limitation to that area if we are able to make the deal work for all parties. At the moment, we are focused on the outskirts of Austin (e.g. Kyle, Buda) and the Killeen areas.

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A bank rejected us, how can we finance through you?


To be honest, not everyone can. These days, 25-33% of loan applications are rejected by banks.  Many of these people are perfectly willing and able to make their monthly payments but don't quite fit the banks preferred criteria.  You may be one of these people. If you feel like you are a mature and responsible [...]

A bank rejected us, how can we finance through you?2019-12-03T21:41:46-06:00

How long does buying a home usually take?


Once we identify a home, it can take as little as two weeks. In fact, our sellers count on a faster sale which offers the convenience of fewer showings and a more certain plan for moving on with their lives.

How long does buying a home usually take?2019-12-03T21:42:09-06:00

How much does this cost?


We work for you FREE of charge, but there are costs once we put a home under contract.  These costs are very similar to a traditional purchase through a realtor, except these costs are usually less!

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Are you a Realtor?


Yes.  We are licensed realtors. The way we work will be very familiar to you if you have ever worked with a realtor.  Here are some of the similarities: We get to know you, your situation, and what you are looking for We educate you about the home-buying process We match you up with homes [...]

Are you a Realtor?2019-12-03T21:43:11-06:00
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